Osoyoos to Greenwood  day 6 74 km

Well Osoyoos yesterday. The temp not as hot but still hot so the owners of the hotel were great and he put my bike in the back of the truck and took me up and I then cycled 9 km to the summit. I finally felt cool but not enough to put my jumper on then to Rock Creek where I treated my self to a mango smooth at a lovely little cafe. Now in hot weather and cold drink headed up with painful head but was worth it. I then cycled on to Midway and the railway museum where I met up with Mathew shading under a tree. So we had lunch kept out of the Sun then made our way further up to Greenwood apparently Canada’s smallest city but looked like a village in our standards.

We arrived at our host house and waited as they were out on a bike ride to America. They arrived home about 10 mins later after we had been watching the humming bird  which was fantastic.

Tents put up in the garden and a lovely shower and evening  meal then off to bed. 


Pictures of going up the hill  from Osoyoos


where we had lunch



The city of Greenwood


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