Princeton East to Osoyoos 87 km Day 5

i said goodbye to  Coral and Janet and Sandy this morning thinking that today maybe good. It started well following the river passed Hedley a old Gold mining place. As the day progressed it got hotter and hotter. This region is known for wine making and fruit as evident by the wineries and fruit stand all around the road side. I got to Keremeos at Lunch time. So I stopped for lunch and another drink as I have drinking plenty.

The road goes up and down a it but it was the heat that is a killer with no shade anywhere no wonder they call this their desert I think is because they the area just sits in a bowl with high mountains about quite dry hence everyone  putting their sprinklers on.

I should have stayed at Keremeos but was told that it is nicer at Osoyoos so I pushed on in blazing sun in no shelter  it got hotter and my bike register 38 which I could well believe I was losing water as fast as I took it on board. At one point my water was at hot bath temp but nothing I could do but push on.

I rode into info centre at nearly 5 pm  hot sweaty and needed a place to stay I thought lakeside and the lady as the info centre gave me all the Jen.

Unfortunately that when it all went wrong. Up and down the lake rd looking for camp sites either they were full  or just RVs or no one at the office and closed up for the night. So back to the brochure she gave and started to call as now nearer 7pm. 

One guy answered  a hotel he was Welsh and did have a vacancy so off I trott. Very nice knowledge and helped me out as to the best route. I have put in a warm shower hostrequest  in Greenwood and am awaiting a reply. So depending that was thinking of holing up here and using the facilites  and break as have been going  5 gruelling days. Possible stay one more night before the big pass out of the town not looking forward in this heat.

I should really be camping to save money but couldnt fine one open. This is a nice room with cooker and fridge etc plus a pool outside .

Still following the river down

What the area ism own for



As you can see some of the signs along the way the Indian one was someone’s house name and sign. As you can also see we have another Cawston.

This is the mall  no other shops made me laugh


4 thoughts on “Princeton East to Osoyoos 87 km Day 5

  1. Hi Liz! Well done you!!! You’ve certainly covered a lot of ground since leaving Hope and it sounds as tho you’ve found your cycling legs as it were. If I might weigh in with a bit of advice… Take a rest day before launching into the pass leaving Osoyoos. It’s a very challenging ride and a little break could be in order. When you do head up the pass, make sure you start early in the morning if they are calling for clear skies. It’s a pass without much shade and you’ll not want to be on the face of it in the blazing sun. There’s my two cents for what it’s worth.


  2. Be careful you don’t get heat exhaustion, The expression Mad Dogs and English Men Go Out In the Midday Sun springs to mind, but that can’t be you because your are Wee Scottish Lassie lol. Whats your next stop are you near Penticton I am trying to follow you on the Map. Love you xxx


    • No I’m currently in Osoyoos hugging the boarder holed up in a nice motel having 1 days rest and enjoying the pool as it’s about 33 so didn’t want to be on rd. with no shade although heading out tomorrow to Greenwood then on to grand forks on the Hwy 3 Crowsnest till I pop out into Alberta just past Starwood/Pincher creek. Not going to penticton. Hard work plenty of insect bites now but got the cream and tablets speak soon.


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