Osoyoos  Rest Day 5 

Well yesterday in the blazing heat took its toll on me. Even though I applied several times a day sun lotion appears just  one hands got slightly burnt and the bugs did attack even through my socks and top so now using anti bite and taking my tablets preventing anything going bad. Black Betty has been washed and got quite a lot of dust and grit from her just need to get some oil and grease her later today. The sun is already up so glad I stayed put as you can see Anarchist pass from here and there is no shelter must be done early. So checking out Early tomorrow and making my way to Greenwood and warm showers host. Although if that’s to far in heat will call at Midway and camp. I heard from warm showers that Matthieu is also going there on Sat as I haven’t seen him on the rd since I left Hope he likes to rough camp and I, compared to him have being doing it the easy way although it hasn’t felt like that. Stopped last night on the way to the hotel to speak to a smiling Belgium guy who has hitched from San Francisco all over and is now going down to Vancouver for a flight out in about 4 weeks. He was looking for place to rough camp also but fairly built up here.

Today caught up with washing e mails and the like and went to bike store as Betty as developed a annoying squeak which is very annoying. Richie at the store stated the new bottom bracket I had replaced just needed tightening up I got him to check brakes and lube and check tyre pressure all good to go for 20 Cdn not bad and very helpful.

Whilst in town pick up something for all my bites and stuff and the owner of the motel gave me some repellent. Which they use and seems to be working. Tried to get the same stuff in town but got something similar got a feeling I’m going to need it around here and the rest of the country.

I spoke to locals today and asked if the weather is always as hot 32 in the shade but I’m told it’s come very early and not as usually this hot not good for cycling I feel.

Breakfast first cross between muffin and crumpet with banana and Nutella


the pool at motel would seem rude at 32 degrees not to have a dip





Part of the pass that just  keeps on giving all the way to the top

Washing is dry now going to cook chicken breast and a bit of salad tonight. I must admit treated myself to a Danish pastry so having afternoon cuppa and pastry for snack this afternoon. Using yorkshire tea bags of course don’t care about extra weight  essentials are worth it.

Now packing bags again to get weight right


2 thoughts on “Osoyoos  Rest Day 5 

  1. Good evening Liz, it was so wonderful meeting you at corals cabins, sorry we kept the wine pouring, haha, hope your first taste of smoores was memorable. The weather is unusually hot right now for sure and I do hope it cools off for you. You are such an inspiration for me.Safe travels 🙂


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