Manning Park resort to Princeton day 4 97 km

Well today was good I started with a Canadian  breakfast at the lodge 2 eggs easy over,hash Browns bacon and toast with fresh pineapple strawberry and orange on the side don’t ask comes with the breakfast. May I say the tea was awful  don’t bring hot water in a jug and a cup  doesn’t work but all in all got the day off to a good start.

Left there at about 9.15 and hit the road. What a difference a day makes the ride was good about 6/8 km all either down hill or on the level running  beside the river. Sun was shining who could ask for more.

Started the climb to top of Sunday Summit wasn’t as bad as yesterday or maybe I just took on more fuel either way went well. Mind you I kept thinking I was at the top with wonderful views of down below only to be thwarted again will a little more climb. Then there it was not much to look at and I was there. I broke out my lunch a cheese and ham wrap and was in seventh heaven washed down with lots of water. Because of the weather being so nice I drink plenty of water never drunk so much and my new treat is jelly beans oh lovely jelly beans by the hand full. Tomorrow it’s jelly sweets see how I like them.

The down hill is something else sometimes like a roller coaster  off you go if the hard shoulder is good I stay on that but if it’s gravel I own the lane thanks Peter for the advice in Hope. Today was speeds of 48km and I had the breaks slightly on, then watch how  you approach the hair pin bends but all went well learning all the time what works best for me.

Into Princeton where I thought I’d stay at about 3pm having completed 67 km for the day or so I thought. Nothing booked. I went to the place Hilary had mentioned for afternoon tea and a Danish pastry I must confess to never having had Irish breakfast tea but was alright when I explained I needed boiling water in the pot.Whilst there sat with free internet seems everywhere here good idea at least it is when travelling. The lady there stated if I kept going on hwy 3 about 23 km is Corals Cabins so off I set.

Following the river  on a rd that was good slight down hill and sunshine who could ask for more except didn’t see Corals yet turns out to be neared 30 km so found it having completed 97km.

What can I say of Corals fantastic little cabins surrounded by super scenery all sides. Coral was with friends at the bbq and showed me round and to my Cabin. Then Janet and Sandy invited me for dinner rack of ribs sweet corn and wine and more wine. The was then spent by the fire having smorgs I think that’s the name its toasted marshmallows between chocolate type cookies nice. They are so friendly over here just unbelievable so ladies thanks for last night no headache but having a slow day.

Sitting writing  writing this in sunshine round the camp fire only to be invited up for breakfast at Corals how kind they are. 

 Leaving Manning resort

That’s my destination

I followed the river nearly all day and am camped across the rd


Leaving the park


That’s what I’ve just climbed

Blackbetty at the summit


Check brakes before hill

  This is mine hill and very steep but lucky I’m going down hill
Going over the hill


The girls Janet coral and sandy thanks again for lovely time.


2 thoughts on “Manning Park resort to Princeton day 4 97 km

  1. Doing well sis, that’s long way 97km down hill. Looks like your sweet tooth is getting the better of you.Glad to hear that everyone is looking after you. Enjoy the ride. 😀🐻🚴


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