Hope BC to Manning Park Resort Day 3 78km

What can I say that was horrendous. Hilary stated it was brutal but my goodness. You start at Hope and climb and climb and more climbing. I thought the next bend must be the top but no. The weather was stunning and captured the views. I knew it was steep when lorries we’re in the lowest gear going up and coming down. Finally at the top and there was Hope slide.Then down into Sunshine valley which was down hill but my legs were like jelly. I have so many bruises where I got off to push and the pedals caught my legs.

I stopped at Sunshine park but nothing there but RVS and chalets I had to ask a guy cutting his lawn if he would mind filling all my water bottles. His wife invited me in and offered me a glass of cold water as I filled my bottles just as well I did as there was no where in between, they must have taken one look at me and taken pity.

Just as I was swearing and talking to myself up came road works so I stopped and spoke to the lady with stop and go board for about 5/10 mins she then tells me to watch out for the brown bear near one of bridges even had a photo on her phone and showed me said bear looked big to me. Also stated she saw a cougar last week near by well my nerves were shot to pieces If I had met said bear I was definitely going lose then she held the traffic and let me go first  that are so good here. As I was coming up another hill who should be round the corner but Hilary and Peter complete with cold water and a apple thanks guys it was so nice of you. 

At that the heavens opened and I sat in the back of the 4×4 eating lunch  tin of tuna I’m going to have to think this through not taking on board enough fuel. The rain chucked down  for about 10mins then said goodbye to my wonderful hosts who have nothing short of spectacular and rode off eating my banana whilst cycling.

As I cycled saw a few deer and couple of birds of prey earlier in the day but was looking all over in case said bear made appearance.

Up hill again then down hills again  God was I beat. Now I must confess Hilary, I was hit by more rain was half way up Allison pass with no juice left in my tank and one of your fellow Canadians did the gentlemanly thing pick me up 

in his 4×4 stuck the bike in the back and drove the last bit to the lodge as I feel I may well have still been there now. Forgive my sin but needs must.

As a treat to myself I booked into the lodge and whilst making my room they gave me a drink free on house so while across at the restaurant  I had a meal but was almost falling a sleep. Back to the lodge and into a bath then a shower and into bed. I did try and phone home but guess to late for anyone to be about. 

I desperately need to recharge and regroup for tomorrow as another summit is looming roll on the prairies is all I  can say,just like home reasonably flat. That said the mountains are spectacular.  



 As you see the gradient is not good.




So no bears seen thank god lessons learned need to eat more even though I don’t want to and always take lifts from passing strangers they are very interesting people who also give you a can of beer for the evening which is chilling in the fridge. Oh sorry Greg shouldn’t have put that on boys and girls  of Astley don’t take lifts from strangers and hello to all in Mr Brenchleys class.


7 thoughts on “Hope BC to Manning Park Resort Day 3 78km

  1. Absolutely NO sin in doing what ya need to do!! That climb to Manning Park is epic and hard, hard, HARD. It’s a pretty intense way to launch off across the country. Things like taking rides from strangers all become part of the adventure. You’ll still be riding thousands of kilometres 🙂
    Very glad to know that you are tucked up at the lodge. I think you are wise to focus on fuelling up more regularly – you’ll need it for all that spinning. Rest well and may the wind be at your back tomorrow.


  2. Hi Liz! Sounds like you had a tough day. Glad you didn’t meet that bear!! You need to eat more by the sounds of it. I wish someone would say that to me! lol. You seem to have met some really friendly people which is really nice. Not like us miserable Brits then! Hope tomorrow is easier going. Deb x


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