Mission to Hope 80 km Day2

Hi all  started today at about 0830hrs first stop was  cup of tea at the local coop come gas station. Then on the road which at first ran  side by side by the railway line and the Fraser river boy are the trains long it took one about 10 mins to pass me. Just out of the town I met Mathew a French lad who has cycled nearly 26,000 km round the world in the last 2 years he also is staying with Hilary and Peter tonight at Hope we cycled a little ways together then I stopped for something to eat  it’s been a while since I have felt like eating so it was. Eggs easy over hash browns and toast and of course lots of water and tea. The weather has been unreal 27c was recorded as a cycled into Hope.

Well I made it and what a lovely mountain town as. Hilary and Peter were out walking there dogs till about 3 I hit the local shop where a table and free wi fi was available great set up. I had a welcomed diet Mountain Dew as I felt I had earned it and was turning pink and red due to the sun but had put sun screen on generously through out the day. Due to it being bank holiday traffic was busy but luckily leaving to head into the city of Vancouver, after the weekend holiday. Whilst in the shop managed to have a conversation with my son which was nice. Pete I tried to face time but with the time difference and Internet will be challenging over the next few days. Tomorrow is going to be a very tough day to Manning Park on route Hwy 3 and its climbing all day. At the end it’s camping and bear proofing so here’s hoping all goes well don’t want yogi at the door as I will not be unzipping.

At the end of the day a hot shower was very welcoming and 2 Beers which has made me quite light headed but very welcomed.

The ride its self today started off quite flat then as we got nearer Hope  there was several inclines with scary drops at the other side but the wind did cool you down. As you come into Hope there is a little hill which  is a so and so at end of the day in 27c heat

Here are some of the pictures of the day. 



2 thoughts on “Mission to Hope 80 km Day2

  1. Sounds like you have had a great start and met some lovely people already. Really interesting to read your blog and keep up with you. Gorgeous scenery! Look forward to the next instalment. Take care and keep safe xx


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