Sunday May 17th 47km Vancouver to Mission

Well started the day with a lovely local couple called Randy and Lynn who bought me breakfast no not a full English. I had toast but instead of toast they serve biscuit and Jam its sort of like a scone very  nice. They also gave me a contact in Thunder Bay when I’m passing through lovely couple thanks guys.

I then cycled the bike down  to get sunscreen. As its a tad warm. I waited for my warm shower host turn up at 1400 to collect me and drive me out of Vancouver which was. Great guys  and did a bit of sight seeing. They dropped me off on Hwy 7 short of Mission my final stop tonight. Guest what guys over shot the camp site and couldn’t find another and time was marching on. There I was going up and down roads which had b& b signs thing there was one but when I arrived hasn’t been one for over 2 yrs. So  I was forced back to the rd to either go back 10 km to motel or 50 km into hope  there was something available hate turning round but needs must. So I pulled into the hotel and Darlene said I could have my room for 60 not 88 bucks so done,bed, Hot  shower and blackbetty has a space as well we are getting attached. Internet a bit patchy as I sit on the balcony writing this. For those old enough to watch Phyco and Norman Bates well the place definitely has the feel will put blackbetty to work guarding my door a trusty steed.

What can I say about my warm shower host but a very big thanks and look forward to tomorrow night when I reach your place. I believe there is also another guest doing the same thing the last part of his round the world trip and then home to France so could be a good night and some company.

Here’s a picture of me at Pacific Ocean  as I left. What you don’t know is I had pushed the bike down to the water dipped it got wet went to take a photo. To see Betty sinking in the mud lesson learnt but what a struggle getting it back up to the path way.  As I did this a lady out walking her dog asked if I needed a photo taken hence not on the beach I did try.

Well that’s all folks I will use the facilities I paid for and hopefully no one tonight will try my door at 2am like at the hostel at least black Betty is there for defence. 


Oh another thing this trip is playing havoc with my hair so I apologise now no brushes and no hair dryer and everyday with be a bad hair day taken to wearing a bandana  as Ella suggested so see how I get on


4 thoughts on “Sunday May 17th 47km Vancouver to Mission

  1. So far so good then… bound to have a few ‘almost mishaps’ along the way. Sounds like you’re getting the hang of it now though. Wasn’t sure about the someone trying your door thing! And we need a pic in the bandana next time!


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