Tired but finally here 15/16th May

Arrived after a long flight then battle my way to the youth hostel at the beach. I left home at 5am flight left at 1135 only to be hit with ground hog day as it was only 1.30pm when I arrived. I battled to stay awake but a hot shower and off to bed at around 8pm Vancouver time God knows what time I’ll wake tomorrow.

Awoke at  2am ridicules reached for a drink of fizzy bottled water only to be sprayed all over the room quick to have another shower and read then off to sleep again.

Today Saturday has been filled with getting use to wrong side of the rd crossings and getting food and of course my good old bear spray. They make you show ID hopefully I will not have cause to use the stuff.

I’ve now finished putting the bike together in nice sunshine  and am now heading across from my hostel on to Jericho beach. Now sitting in the sailing club having my first proper meal and beer .over looking the Pacific Ocean and the Skyline of Vancouver on a balmy evening. Tomorrow my hosts from Hope are picking me up and ferrying me out of the city so the biking then starts. Looking forward  to starting as you spend more dollars staying in the one place. Although it is just the initial out lay of things I was not allowed to take on the plane.

I also managed to sort out a SIM card for my phone so the family can contact me if I have no wifi as I’m not to sure of the coverage when in the mountains.

Some pictures taken from Jericho beach which is directly across from the hostel   


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